• Summer or winter, wheatgrass and legumes, grass and outdoor plants should be kept in the fertilizer solution on sowing day.
  • Summer or winter, wheatgrass and legumes, In the vegetation process of outdoor plants such as grass, fertilizer will be sprinkled on the plants 3-4 times in accordance with the vegetative development stages of the plant.

Fertilization of garden and field crops: Once every 20 days.

Plants growing in the hill diluted: Once in every 15 days.

Dilution of ornamental plants grown in the pot: Once in every 20 days.

Feeding fertilizer instead of water to collected flowers.

Dilation of grass: Once in every 30 days.

Fertilization of perennial plants: Twice in every 30 days.

  • Seeding in water before sowing: tuber roots and onions 1 hour;

Seeds of the plant from the leguminous family 6 hours;

Radish and lettuce seeds 12 hours;

Carrot cucumber and squash seeds should be kept for 24 hours.

For keeping seeds in compost 1 ton of seed plus 2 liters of concentrated liquid fertilizer required. 2 liter liquid fertilizer mixed with 8  liter water.

After the rooting of bushes and trees, water the plant 1-2 times a week to get used to the new soil more easily.


Storage: 0°/+25°C (32-77 F°). Keep in a dark place.

Toxicity: Not dangerous fort he health of humans, animal and bees.

Can be mixed with insecticides, herbicides  and fungicides